Full staging:
We provide furnishings for vacant homes, this includes furniture, area rugs, pillows, bedding, lighting, art, plants and accessories.

Partial staging:
We incorporate appropriate pieces from our Inventory to complement your furnishings and advise which of your items should be removed before staging.

Mini staging:
For a quick fix, we work with your existing furnishings to stage your home. We may suggest items for you to purchase or loan items for a small rental fee to complete the look.  This service is provided at an hourly rate.

Staging proposals are complimentary

Rochelle has staged hundreds of homes and has a keen sense of what appeals to the majority of potential buyers. The homes we stage are always well received, appealing to a wide range of audiences; from ranches to Eichlers, multimillion dollar homes to town houses and condos.  Staged homes are more inviting than vacant homes and help potential buyers to visualize their own furnishings in the space.  Often the right scale furniture and placement can make a room look much larger, warmer and highlight its function.  The right staging can mean the difference in getting the maximum price in a minimum amount of time.