Rochelle Dusatko Designs specializes in interior design and home staging.  Since receiving her Interior Design degree, she has staged and remodeled hundreds of homes while building a loyal following. With a keen attention to detail and client service, Rochelle and her team create timeless, well edited spaces that respect the architecture of the home.  We understand that function is as important as aesthetics and our rooms are practical, well balanced and inviting while reflecting the homeowners' personal sense of style.

The Bay Area is blessed with an abundance of Eichlers, and Rochelle has had the opportunity to stage and remodel many of them using clean lines and modern furnishings in keeping with the spirit of the architecture.  She understands that working with an Eichler home is about the balance of selecting the right pieces while taking a minimalistic approach.

As a California native, born and raised on the peninsula, Rochelle Dusatko has had the advantage of being surrounded by many cultures and design styles which inspires her to often incorporate French, Asian, or other world influences into the design to well balance the space.  With the current trend moving toward the transitional style (not too modern and not too traditional), Rochelle finds more and more of her clients are requesting this style for their projects.  She also understands that the exterior is just as important as the interior and often advises on exterior paint colors and landscaping.